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Flightwings Aviation Profile
Flightwings Aviation is a training and consultancy business. We are an integrator that aims to provide modular training topics from professionals with at least solid 5 years of working experience in their respective specialization. All speakers/lecturers are certified trainers or an experienced teaching in the academe. These modular training/topics are tailored to provide any interested students, newly graduates, both young and seasoned professionals who are seeking knowledge in obtaining ideas and knowledge that can be applied to their target positions in the field. This will also give them the edge in employment opportunities by having broad ideas to the job scope from those who knows the functions so well. We integrate the incoming professionals by providing an idea where will they best fit and what are the opportunities that lie or available for them.
Flightwings Avaition Mission and Vission
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To provide the young professionals and professionals to be, an edge to prepare for a position in the aviation field through modular topics by professionals who are experts in their respective fields in the Aviation business.


To provide world-class professional training and consultancy services for the next generation of Aviation professionals.

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